Who needs it?

Have your own flag printed...

Who needs that anyway?



The question is rather, who doesn't need them?  

The self-designed flag that suits you?


Dear people,

It's high time we all had our own flags printed! After all, why walk around with a boring, standardized flag when you can design your own unique flag instead?


Have we really whetted your appetite to have your own flag printed? Then you've definitely come to the right place! Because at FLAGMASTA, we are passionate about creating individually printed flags that perfectly suit you and your crew.


Not convinced yet? Then read here why our self-designed flags will be the ultimate for you and your people:



For clubs: Flags as a token of team love

Our flags are really more than just fabric for you and your club. Not only do they make a really bold statement of togetherness, they also take team spirit to a whole new level and really spice up events.

If you want to be the one who creates a mega cool flag for your team, then let your team flag fly with us now and show the world that your crew really rocks!


Motorcycle clubs: flags as an expression of freedom

If freedom is just as important to you as the helmet on your head, then you definitely need a flag that embodies exactly that. Express your solidarity - flags printed with your symbols make it possible. With us, you'll get exactly what suits your MC perfectly!


Your buddies and your hobby: flags as a creative expression

Is your hobby the absolute hot shit? Whether medieval, Viking or role-playing is your thing. Share it with the world! Make a creative statement for you and your gang with our custom-printed flags. After all, the eye eats with you, so make sure your flags are just as cool as your hobby!


Festival goers: Flags for crazy moments

Festivals really aren't events that are easily forgotten. With custom printed flags, your camp becomes the ultimate meeting place for like-minded people. Have flags printed that really reflect your festival spirit - at FLAGMASTA this is the absolute festival hit!


Stores: Flags as an advertising booster

Make your business an absolute eye-catcher! Flags with your own motif are absolute advertising pros that attract everyone's attention. Have flags printed with the logo of your business - with us in TOP quality and at really fair prices.


Companies: Flags as a figurehead

Corporate identity is important, of course. But why not liven things up a little with our custom-printed flags? Have flags printed that perfectly match your company - at FLAGMASTA, it really does go by itself and costs almost nothing.



Discover the absolute fun of flags and let your dreams shine in wonderfully bright colors at FLAGMASTA - for unforgettable adventures and lots of good humor! 🚩✨


And here are a few more reasons why self-designed flags are an absolute must:


  • You can take it anywhere! Whether you're going on a picnic, camping, to a concert or to a demonstration - with your own flag you're always well equipped.


  • You can design your flag exactly how you want it. Maybe you want to have a picture of your pet printed on it, or a tribute to your favorite band or your favorite food? With your own flag, there are no limits to your creativity!


  • It's simply fun to have your own flag. You can wave it, throw it in the air or hang it above your tent. Having your own flag makes you feel cool and unique.


  • And the best thing about it? You'll never confuse your flag with someone else's again! No more confusion at festivals or sporting events - you'll always know exactly which flag is yours.

So go ahead, grab a blank flag and let your creativity run wild! Your new flag is guaranteed to make you an eye-catcher - and who knows, it might even become the new trend with all your friends.


With this in mind: Happy Flag-Designing