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Hoist flag for poles without outrigger
4/0-color (printed on one side with your motif)
115g flag fabric without hole structure (Oeko-Tex Standard 100, B1 certified - flame retardant according to DIN 4102)

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Keep text and important images within this zone so they are not cut off when cropping.

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Item description: Flag of Cambodia


Welcome to our exclusive online store for high-quality flags and banners! Learn more about the fascinating flag of Cambodia as well as the rich culture and history of this unique country. Discover the possibilities to design your own customized flag while benefiting from our outstanding quality and reliability.


About Cambodia:


Cambodia, an enchanting country in Southeast Asia, is known for its magnificent temples, rich history and breathtaking landscapes. From the impressive ruins of Angkor Wat to the picturesque coastal beaches on the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia offers a wealth of sights and experiences for travelers from all over the world. The capital, Phnom Penh, is a cultural and economic center that offers vibrant markets, colonial architecture and a lively art scene.


The flag of Cambodia:


The flag of Cambodia consists of three horizontal stripes in red and blue with a white bordered Angkor Wat temple in the middle. The red stripe represents the people of Cambodia, while the blue stripe stands for the king and the royal family. The Angkor Wat temple is a symbol of Cambodian culture and history, and the white border symbolizes the country's faith and religion.


The flag of Cambodia is a proud symbol of the country's national identity and patriotism. It is flown at official occasions, national celebrations and other important events and is an expression of the unity and pride of the Cambodian people.


Quality and craftsmanship:


Our custom Cambodia hoist flag is made with the highest precision and quality to fully showcase the flag's vibrant colors and dynamic design. Made from high-quality flag fabric without a hole structure in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and B1 certified for low flammability in accordance with DIN 4102, we guarantee not only an outstanding visual presentation, but also the highest safety standards.


Our flags are highly resistant to UV radiation and other environmental influences, ensuring that your design remains bright and visible for a long time. With loops and snap hooks for easy attachment to the pole without a hemstitch, our hoistable flags are practical and user-friendly.


Design your own flag:


In our store you also have the option to design and order your own flag. Whether it's a personal creation, a corporate flag or a special event, our user-friendly design tool allows you to bring your ideas to life. Choose from a variety of colors, symbols and designs and see your flag come to life.




The flag of Cambodia is not only a symbol of the country's rich history and culture, but also an expression of the pride and unity of its people. With our custom Cambodia hoist flag, you can express your allegiance to this fascinating country while benefiting from our unmatched quality and reliability. Order today and let your flag fly high in the wind as a symbol of Cambodia's beauty, culture and pride.