Equatorial Guinea

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Hoist flag for poles without outrigger
4/0-color (printed on one side with your motif)
115g flag fabric without hole structure (Oeko-Tex Standard 100, B1 certified - flame retardant according to DIN 4102)

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Welcome to our exclusive online store of high-quality flags and flags, where we proudly produce custom flags according to the wishes of our valued customers. Today we present to you our top-of-the-range hoisting flag for masts without booms, the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality and individuality.


Flag of Equatorial Guinea:


Our flag of Equatorial Guinea is more than just a piece of cloth; it is a symbol of the rich culture, unique nature and history of this fascinating country in Central Africa. Equatorial Guinea consists of a continental region as well as the Bioko archipelago, where the capital Malabo is located, and the islands of Annobón and Corisco. The flag of Equatorial Guinea, with the distinctive colors of green, white, blue and red, represents the unity and diversity of this country.


Special features of Equatorial Guinea:


Equatorial Guinea, despite its comparatively small size, is home to an astonishing variety of landscapes, from dense rainforests and picturesque coastlines to volcanoes and islands. The country is rich in natural beauty and biodiversity and is home to many rare animal and plant species. In addition to its impressive nature, Equatorial Guinea also has a rich cultural scene, which is reflected in the country's traditional music, dance, and festivals.


Customization of your flag:


In our shop you have the opportunity to design your flag according to your own ideas. Whether you want to design the flag of a country, an organization, a company or even a personal flag, we are at your disposal with our tailor-made production. Our hoisting flags are printed in 4/0 colours, which means that your motif appears on one side in vivid colours on the high-quality flag fabric.




Our hoisting flags are characterized by a number of quality features that ensure that you get a product that meets your expectations and lasts for a long time. Our flags are made of 115g flag fabric without a perforated structure, which is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and has B1 according to DIN 4102 for improved fire safety. These features not only ensure a better visual representation of your design, but also the highest level of safety. In addition, our flags are highly UV resistant and resist other environmental influences, which means that your design will still be clear and visible even after many years. Our hoisting flags for masts without outriggers are attached to the mast with loops and snap hooks, which ensures easy and safe installation and eliminates the use of hemstitch.




Quality is paramount in our shop, and our flags of Equatorial Guinea are no exception. With our bespoke production, you can be sure that you will receive a product that exceeds your expectations while reflecting the beauty and diversity of Equatorial Guinea. Discover the world of custom flags with us and let your flag fly with pride!